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Jesus built a core team. Christ as mentor plus 12 regular guys and there you have it: "13" men changed the world. Project 13 is a truly Jesus-based system for the purpose of growing healthy Christ followers. As with the original 13, MEN WILL MATURE from pre-believers to leaders through one-on-one TRUST BASED relationships. Not mere theory, CHURCHES IN NORTH TEXAS ARE ALREADY SEEING MEN’S MINISTRY EXPLODE AND FEELING THE IMPACT OF "DISCIPLESHIP WITH ACCOUNTABILITY!"
Reality check:
-93% of men who make a decision for Christ bring their entire family into the faith.
-Yet, in 9 out of 10 fellowships in America, specific MINISTRY TO MEN is non-existent.
-Has a potentially explosive stockpile of kingdom resource- Faithful Men- been concealed 'below our radar?
This toolkit provides presentation materials to effectively cast vision and communicate a plan. The frustration of not knowing where to start or how to proceed with Men’s Ministry is resolved through detailed examples. Project 13 enables an end-to-end conduit for sculpting servant-soldiers to help shoulder God’s vision in your faith community through three strategies:
1.Soft Entry Points: connects men in no stress, non threatening "hang out" opportunities so they can "belong".
2.Growth Strategy: connects men to men for discipleship with accountability.
3.Activate: Lays out a proactive their energies toward purposeful "behavior".
In addition, the Project 13 approach is flexible and easily morphs to DNA of the local church. The road map is scalable to large and small congregations and isn’t dependent on financial funding.
For too long, the pastor or church staff alone carried the majority of the ministry load in a "pull"system. The solution is to equip, empower, and delegate men to do the work of the ministry. A "win-win" spiritual bio system can be birthed and perpetuated as the "13" vision spreads and men lead other men into meaningful discipleship.

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